Monday, October 29, 2007

My teacher dismissed us a little early from class today because in so many words, she basically told us we looked like zombies and need to get some sleep. AHAHAHA. That's what OT school does to you.... but it's still awesome. : )

Midterms are here already. I don't know how that happened so fast. Weeks just fly by, and when one project is finally wrapped up, the next one is due already. My head is constantly spinning, but I'm really not that stressed. I've figured out what is important and how to prioritize, and I realize how important my non-OTS life is. I make time during the week to see a few friends, play my guitar, and get to the gym... although my power naps have pretty much come to an end. Going to work on Sundays is actually something I look forward to... I'm starting to 'see' myself treating patients, and I have a great support network at my job. It also helps that I get to move around all day and see a lot, rather than sit for hours on end and listen.

I'm on week 7 of my autism program, and each session makes me a little bit more comfortable with the kids. They are seriously adorable and each one is incredibly different in their social abilities. Up to this point I've just been assisting, but next weekend will be my first time running it independently. I'm a little nervous, but I need to do it. The session consists of a social circle, motor games like a parachute and dancing, an art project, a snack time (which is really supposed to be playing with food, but the kids would rather just sit there and eat it. lol). Most of them are really not orally or sensory defensive with the snacks we've brought... I guess that means I can be a little more creative soon. Jello?

Oh I've been checking out my blog statistics and it's been viewed from all over the country.. That is really awesome even tho I'm sure lots of hits were accidental. ; ) If you're a student, OT, or anyone else please feel free to comment or email me at


Katherine said...

I decided i'd write ya a comment since I talked about your blog on my newly started blog! Thanks for your blog i've really enjoyed it! oh...and ya can also add Indonesia to your list of places from which people read your blog! ;)..."Yeah...well actually to give credit where credit it due i was kinda inspired to start this page by another blogger blog!'s let me go find the link....just a's titled "If ya can't fix it with duct tape-then ya haven't used enough" and the link is... ...I've really enjoyed reading her post...yeah.. i know that sounds cheesy but hey sometimes that's just what life is! Thanks Patti Henk...I can't wait to be where you are and to be writing about my experiences about my journey to becomeing and OT....!!! Another OT Blog i've been looking at recently is and that would be Karen's OT blog! Yeah...ok so it's true i'm really into OT and can't wait to learn more about it! Thanks for the encouragement, if anything I now feel like this is what I really want to do, when "i grow up"! lol...that sounds so much like a lil' kid but hey for me it's still true!"
God Bless!

AMTEAM said...

I'm a future Ot grad student here in California and love reading OT blogs. It's great knowing that over, people are taking similar pathways...

Anyway, good luck! I'll bookmark your page.